The American Chesapeake Club Field Trial Specialty will be held in Ravenna, Texas this

November 5-7,2019.  As you know, we held a Specialty Drawing to assist in the funding for the event. 

The Drawing took place November 6, 2019 in Bonham, Texas at the evening dinner.


The winners are as follows:

1st Prize: Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 was won by Jimmy Banks from Texas

2nd Prize: Ruff Tough Kennel was won by Barry Brandt from Nebraska

3rd Prize: DogTra 1900 Collar Donated by Fisher Kennels & Hunt Club was won by Richard Chevez from Missouri

4th Prize: Ainley Bird Box was won by Yvette Yoho from Kentucky

Our Top Sellers were in order

Barbara Adams from Alaska

Julie Cole from California

Lori Greer from Kansas 

You all are amazing! 

Thankyou to everyone who took a chance and bought a ticket!  Without your support, this Specialty would not have been the same!