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Quilt Auction

This amazing Quilt will be a highlight of the auction.  It is so special featuring individual brown dogs with unique quilt blocks, paw prints and bones and wonderful border.  This quilt  was created by a master quilter in Kansas.  Dr. Marlene Drag DVM is responsible for obtaining this quilt and will be coordinating it's auctioning. We will have a live auction but if you are unable to be present, you may have a friend bid for you or send Marlene a bid that you would like to place.  Sealed bids will not be revealed nor will we start the auction at that bid.  As a quilter, the workmanship and hours invested is creating this piece of art is unimaginable! It would be wonderful displayed hanging on a wall or in a bedroom. 

Marlene can be contacted at 573-590-1000 in the evenings.  Her email address is Mdrag@crossfirechesapeakes.com

Her mailing address is 227 Bethel Church Road

Wellsville, MO 63384